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Sound DST Investments

High-quality DST Properties For Your 1031 Exchange

Healthcare Realty Solutions is a DST Sponsor. We offer high-quality, in-demand DST real estate throughout the United States and are the leader in providing healthcare properties suited for your 1031 exchange.

We offer higher DST investment returns while maintaining a lower overall risk.

Here's how we do it:

First, we're 100% focused on healthcare. Our laser focus allows us to develop trustworthy relationships within the healthcare industry. These relationships provide us access to the best DST investment opportunities in the market.

Equally important, our structure does not incur unnecessary or burdensome fees found today with most DST investments. Lower costs and lower loads mean our DST investments work harder for you.

Over $200 million in DST investment capital has been entrusted in our DST investment programs. That’s over 1 million square feet of real estate offered for a 1031 exchange valued at over $500 million.

Our expertise is in real estate and healthcare. Expertise that benefits the provider as tenant, as partner and in having us as the valued landlord. Many of our properties have been value “enhanced” because of our understanding and strong working relationships with our tenants, the healthcare providers.

This “enhanced” approach to real estate investing provides our investors with returns that go beyond today’s monthly cash flow. It’s an investment model that is built today and planned for tomorrow.

Whether you are looking for an alternative to real estate investing, in need of a 1031 exchange, diversifying you IRA or just looking for a sound investment we are here for you.

Let's discuss how we can provide a win-win solution for your portfolio.

As a boutique private equity firm, you'll always work with a partner.
Minimum investment $100,000.