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Focused Approach With Proven Results

Monthly Income

Healthcare Realty Solution’s DST investment opportunities are focused within the healthcare industry. An industry where we have the experience and expertise which translates into sound real estate investing for your next 1031 exchange or for portfolio diversification.

Future Value

We use the Delaware Statutory Trust or DST investment structure for real estate that has sound long-term fundamentals, backed by tenants who have the ability to meet their long-term lease obligations. In many cases real estate assets such as these provide a common-sense approach to DST investing and exceptional solutions for a 1031 exchange or an addition to the real estate portion of your investment portfolio.

Typical DST Investment Returns

6.00% - 7.00%

Monthly Cash Flow

With Annual Increases

12% - 20%

Total Projected Returns

Upon Property Sale

Minimum Investment $100,000.

Ownership can be customized to meet your 1031 exchange requirement. Depending on the project, ownership can take the form of a Delaware Statutory Trust “DST” or Partnership.

Investor Profiles We Serve


Holders of 401ks, retirees, high net worth individuals and family offices who are looking for reliable income have found our projects to be refreshing and easy to understand.

1031 Exchangers

As a Delaware Statutory Trust “DST” or in Partnership, we’re well positioned to help you minimize the tax implications of managing your real estate portfolio.

Fund Managers

Endowments, pensions, charitable organizations looking for reliable results have found our returns to be both attractive and rewarding.

Why Savvy Investors Choose Our Projects

A True Partner

We invest our own money in every project.

Lower Risk

Longer term leases with proven healthcare tenants.

No Excessive Load Issues

Our projects don’t carry needless or burdensome costs.

No Conflicts of Interest

All properties managed by national third-party management companies.


We allow for the individual to sell their interest should the need arise.

Sensible Hold Period

We have an annual marketplace review. Average hold period is 5 years.

Delaware Statutory Trust “DST”

Investors share in all of the tax advantages of completing a 1031 exchange.

Comparing options?

We can help you better understand the structure of various investment opportunities in the marketplace.

Assessments are complimentary and there is never an obligation.