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Capital For Real Estate

New construction, renovations and expansion.

With HealthCare Realty Solutions, you now have the financial resources for development, facility enhancement and strategic expansion.

Our approach gives you control of the real asset from day one.

We've streamlined the process of improving your real estate assets by eliminating traditional covenants and restrictions. Effectively you'll own the asset from the first day and have full control to make the decisions which will allow you to navigate your path to success for years to come.

We Provide Capital For Multiple Uses

Build-to-suit Opportunities
Retaining Facilities
Enhancing Facilities
Lease to Own
Adding Strategic Locations
Sale Leasebacks

The Benefits Of Our Innovative Financing


Fixed occupancy cost by 15% to 20%.


New sources of capital with no interest rate risk or balloon payments.


Number of donors.


Free up hospital sources of capital for use elsewhere.


Property ownership with full asset control.


Improve community welfare.